Local Health Planning Initiatives

The Long Island Center for Health Policy Studies (LICHPS) was created in response to the New York State Department of Health’s request for local and regional health planning,.  LICHPS is an independent organization whose mission will be the collection, analysis and dissemination of high quality healthcare information to help community leaders and health care providers formulate sustainable and cost effective strategies to meet identified community healthcare needs.

LICHPS will fulfill its mission by bringing together in a public-private partnership, a multidisciplinary group of professionals and organizations to leverage their collective healthcare expertise and experience to provide comprehensive and cost-effective recommendations that address some of Long Island’s most difficult healthcare issues.

LICHPS is designed to bring together a broad base of stakeholders from Long Island to fulfill its mission. The central element of the LICHPS will be an advisory group comprised of consumers, providers, businesses and community leaders, local and county government and individuals who possess a deep understanding of the Long Island community healthcare issues and delivery system. LICHPS will be open to all interested stakeholders essentially functioning as a policy “think tank” and will be the venue for the dissemination of information and the sharing of ideas. The advisory group will guide the development and implementation of strategies and policies to further the organization’s mission.  LICHPS will provide staff, acquire and analyze data, facilitate an open discussion amongst all stakeholders and publish and disseminate studies and recommendations for healthcare policy. Together with other health providers and community based organizations it will facilitate the implementation of policies.


LICHPS will be dedicated to democratizing health planning information to drive health policy and will foster an open debate about local healthcare issues and create a collaborative environment which is focused on improving the health of 2.5 million Long Island residents. Specifically, the LICHPS goals are:

1. Provide professional expertise that advances the development of  regional  health planning

2. Advance the knowledge base of determinants of health and identification of community healthcare needs through the dissemination of valid and reliable healthcare data

3. Provide a venue for like-minded professionals dedicated to the improvement of the healthcare delivery system to share information and best practices of preventive healthcare

4. Study and disseminate information on how consumers make decisions that effect their  health

5. Provide recommendations concerning the configuration of the health care delivery system and resource allocation to address local health care needs and improve quality in a sustainable and cost effective manner.